Beware for Ransomware !

Ramsomware is software which is often attached to emails, 'free' downloads, infected USB memory sticks,
After installation this software encrypts your hard drive and locks you out from your computer.
You will find a message on your desktop with a demand for payment to unlock your files.

Recently our customer's hotel in Patong was infected with Zepto ransomware.
The antivirus (Kaspersky) detected it (later) but it was not effective against this virus.
We have installed a backup system which runs on a Xeon server where all staff desktop PC's data are stored.
After infection our backup system restored the hotel's system as it was before the infection.

A backup system should always be in place and properly tested, it can restore system state and deleted files up to 180 days or more.
Please contact us for more information to protect your data.